Well, it's official!!
Mick McHugh, Irish Singer-Songwriter, is a winning formula!  I won $1000 for a 5 min song which means I earned $200 a minute! Ha! Most I've ever earned per hour!

On Saturday night, I won the finals of the Currumbin RSL Raw Talent Quest with an original song that myself and wife Amanda wrote in the hills of Byron Bay on a flooded in, kid bored, dirty dishes, car broken down, dog needs a walk kinda day. It wrote itself just from looking around at our life that day..mind u, three years on as I write this blog…the dishes are still dirty! It's called "Dance & Sing"

A live version of the song is available from iTunes (with fiddle & flute) www.itunes.com/mickmchugh, or you can purchase the Live CD album for $20 from my website  www.mickmchugh.com

Here's the video of the winning performance, and I've attached a pic of me with one of the judges, Mas, from MAS Entertainment.


Dance And Sing by Mick Mchugh Listen on Posterous