Mick McHugh Pozible Crowd Funding Success

We did it! We crowd funded $19,260 using Pozible in 60 days! Now I will set about to recording my debut studio album. It was amazing to see the project get over the line…with 10 days to go, I still had $10,000 to raised, and so I stayed up late till 3 and 4am a lot of nights sending out messages and reaching out to you, and it started going up almost a $1,000 a day. On the second last morning, with just over 24 hrs to go, I was at $14,000. I thought it might get up to $16,00 and I was looking at ways to borrow the last $3,000 (as you have to reach your selected target or you dont get any of the pledged funding….I was not about to let go of $14k! lol). But that evening, it actually hit $16k…and something clicked in me.. I knew it was going to get there, something in me knew it would just get there. I myself when I have pledged, have forgotten to do it till the last 48 hrs and I even missed one friend’s deadline. So I knew lots of people would be doing it last minute. I stayed up till 4am and woke up on the last morning with it due to finish in 4hrs and it was just over $18,000… when it crossed the $19k line, I have to admit… I burst out crying, it was a huge release of lot of work, worry, discussion, energy… even before launching the campaign, it challenges you to believe in yourself on a whole new level…is this something you really believe in? Am I good enough? Am I ready? Are my songs good enough? How much should we ask for ? How much support is out there for me?… and all of that head stuff… but it’s all a REALLY important part of the journey  …and so many people had helped out in loads of ways… it was just an amazing feeling to see it reach the target. THANK YOU!!

I will spend the next couple of months working on the songwriting and crafting, and with the guidance of Troubadour Music, we are currently looking into the producer/mixer options, and would love to record August-ish,..then it’s mixing, mastering, artwork, pressing, and would ideally love to have it all finished by end of the year, sent out to you Pozible supporters and then ready for release to the public early 2016, ….and then start touring. All will be revealed….


Thank you again for the belief in my music and for the opportunity to record an album of the highest quality… I will return to you a brilliant album.