I will be ticking two dreams off my "Bucket List" next month when I open for another one of my songwriting heroes Damien Dempsey on his Australian Tour, and I'll be opening for Damien at The Sydney Opera House….how cool! When I think back to first picking up the guitar at 23 with the intention to play a few cover songs at parties with mates, and where I am now, it's a magical journey that just keeps surprising even me…I love it.

Damien Dempsey mixes traditional Irish folk with contemporary lyrics to deliver gut wrenching honest social commentary on the positive and negative aspects of Ireland, while also empowering people through his lyrics. To be at one of live concerts is an unbelievable experience, and a credit to his songwriting, as the crowd will sing every word of his songs…sometimes to the point where you almost can't hear Damien. I love Shane MacGowan's (The Pogues) description of Damien, "Damien describes things the way they really are… which is a pile of sh*t… but then he also sees the beauty that is Ireland's past and can be Ireland's future".

Not surprisingly, Damien credits Bob Marley as one of the big influence on his life and musical career. You can hear the similarity in the truth of their lyrics.

"I was in my teens and I was going through a bit of a phase, drinking a lot and doing E tablets and getting into street fighting and getting depressed. Then I'd listen to Marley and it lifted me out of it. I'd like to try and do the same for kids, that my music would give them a bit of hope and strength, and they'd know that I was telling the truth and I wouldn't lie to them."

—Damien Dempsey[2]

Damien Dempsey tours Australia March 2013 – 15 Perth, 16 Melb, 17 Sydney, 26 Darwin, 27 Carins, 28 Brisbane, 31 Byron Bay Bluesfest.
Full list of dates and tickets at www.troubadourmusic.com/
And I cant wait!