‘Choose Who You Wanna Be’ CD Launch
The Rails, Byron Bay – Sunday 31st Aug 6.30pm
Mick McHugh
“Voice of positivity that should be heard” Andrea McCullagh, Irish Echo.
“Get to see him live, it will give cause for hope and optimism” Ralph McTell, Streets of London.
Irish singer-songwriter Mick McHugh strives to connect, inspire and disseminate positive messages. After touring Australia extensively over the last two years, as well as New Zealand, Germany and Ireland – there is a growing excitement building around this Irish songwriter.
In March 2014, Mick McHugh released his fourth studio CD, along with some highly praised performances at Port Fairy Folk Fest, National Celtic Fest and Australian Celtic Fest and support slots for some of Ireland’s biggest music names – Damien Dempsey (Sinead O’Connor sings backing for him!). The new studio CD ‘Choose Who You Wanna Be’ contains five studio tracks. The title track, ‘Let’s Dance’ states that we choose who we want to be, a message inspired by Gandhi ‘to be the change you want to see in the world’. Track two, ‘Johnny’ has a powerful drum beat and a distinctive Celtic feel, it unashamedly reminds people to love themselves. Track five, ‘Sunshine’ celebrates the joy you feel when you return home to your loved ones and your own bed – written after returning to the Northern Rivers after being away and gigging for several weeks around the country. The CD finishes with a live track about anti-CSG mining, ‘Lie To Me’ – this song is a favourite with Northern Rivers residents and has been quoted as “a modern classic” by Damien Dempsey (Damien has been dubbed the greatest Irish singer of his generation). It’s powerful message delivers a kick at the end of the song that people say sends shivers up their spine and brings a tear to the eye – with a statement as bold as ‘the gas under our land, is valued so much more than any child, woman or man’ – we can see why Mick is getting a name for himself as a true balladeer on the folk scene.
Mick will finish the CD tour with a local launch at one of his favourite venues in The Northern Rivers – The Rails, Byron Bay on Sunday 31st August 6.30pm with his Trio, Sallie Campbell on fiddle and Will Swan on Piano Accordion and Whistle.
“Brilliant!” Eric Bogle, Willie McBride.
“Lie To Me is a modern classic” Damien Dempsey.
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