Lie To Me: song by Mick McHugh directed by Claire Chatfield from Claire Chatfield on Vimeo.

My song ‘Lie to Me’ has been nominated for Best Video at 2016 Dolphin Music Awards. The video was made by Claire Chatfield. ‘Lie To Me’ is a protest song I wrote inspired by anti-CSG movement in 2012. I was about to go on a 9 show national tour of Australia with UK folk legend Ralph McTell, and I wanted a song to spread the message of what I had learnt of the effects of Coal Seam Gas mining on our precious drinking water and land …I wanted to write a song where I could draw in wider audiences by introducing common life themes of growing up and then hitting them hard at the very end with the anti-csg message. Win or lose, well done Claire and everyone involved with bringing the video to life and the song to even more audiences… for me as a songwriter, the greatest honour is that a song goes on it’s own journey