My new single ‘LET’S DANCE’ will be launched at The Sydney Opera House on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday 17th March via iTunes when I open for superb Irish singer-songwriter talent Damien Dempsey. The song challenges the negative media that we are bombarded by everyday in newspapers and on TV news…it’s amazing how many tragic and negative stories get shoved on to us…but we can’t forget all the beautiful and wonderful things that are happening too. As a kid, I remember at school learning about war, after war, and then watching the news as the 1st Gulf War happened…it seemed to me even then that we are constantly in war so we have to choose how we want our psyche to be affected. (It’s a precious place).

We can choose who we wanna be. For myself, after leaving school, I went on to study and get a 1st class honours in Polymer Engineering …started working in the industry…got depression…looked at my life…I wasn’t happy…so I quit… changed my life…one of the things I did was pick up the guitar and taught myself to sing and play, one year later I started writing songs (after meeting the love of my life) …I chose to do something different, something that i felt made me happier and contributed to the world, and my world, in more fulfilling way than when I was an engineer and making ink cartridges for Hewlett Packard ….ten years later I’m playing The Sydney Opera House. It blows me away even still where this ‘Choice’ I made is taking me…I chose to be a full time singer-songwriter…

A lot of us have the possibility and circumstances to choose a life…how lucky we are to have that choice…please choose wisely …it’s your life


‘Let’s Dance’ – the first single from Mick McHugh’s forthcoming debut studio album will be launched at The Sydney Opera House on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday 17th March. Available from iTunes