There’s something so exciting about writing a new song, it’s hard to put it into words. But I’d think it’s comparable to when you meet someone new…and you have the honeymoon period…you’re so high ….can’t stop thinking about them! Ha! You think it’s the best song you’ve ever written…Ye know, like it’s way better than anything else you’ve written to date. It’s a disease!…

And what an important disease it is…I believe you need this disease to be an songwriter or indeed an artist of any description.

But soon enough, the romantic honeymoon period ends and it becomes an “X” of yours.

And then you write a new song…and guess what???.. yes! That’s right! You forget about that last song you wrote and you fall in love with your new song…and so it begins all over again…your in love….again: )

I guess, like an addict of any sort… there is an addiction, an adrenal that you are hungry constantly for….may you never lose it ; )

The song attached is an example of that, I’d just wrote it 3’days before this performance and had that excitement in me …still learning about it, still find my way with it…love that feeling, especially when songwriting is your daily bread, a fresh song is so welcomed.

On the contrary to the songwriters disease, is song is actually about still being “in love” with your partner after years shared together despite the changes you have both gone through…. losing weight, gaining weight, having kids, operations, money, highs & lows….and yet still being hungry for each other.

I love you Amanda Wone McHugh, thank you for the music

“Never Enough” by Mick McHugh (3 day old song!)

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