Happy International Women’s Day – I had never written a song till I met this gorgeous Ozzie songwriter in Dublin, my wife of 16 years @amandalovemchugh 

I was only planning to learn guitar so I could play a cover song at party at 3am after a night out. On the night we met, Amanda sang me one of her original songs, I was blown away and inspired. She said, “You should try it, anyone can do it”. Where would I be without this incredible woman. ❤️ While in full-time Mama mode the last number of years, she has self-published her ‘Memior of a Psychic’ book @amandamchughpsychicauthor and continued to write her own songs, as well as our co-writes. Tomorrow… she is stepping out again to perform solo at the Lismore Women’s Festival. 

There’s so much more I could and wanna say about this beautiful woman, but not enough typing space… Baby, “I see you.” Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ PS – this pic is so authentic that it didn’t need any fake filters 😂


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