Well, I’m almost half way through my crowd funding project for my debut album, and it’s close to half funded, $7,270 raised.
​And being half-way also means only 32 more days of me asking for your help! Thank you for supporting my project.
​Could I ask you please to give the weblink ​www.pozibl​e.com/mickmchugh  a Tweet, Facebook or email to family and friends who you think might like my style of music. Could we possibly get it to $9k in two days??! $1,730 away…we are 83 supporters strong, …you have the power to spread it tenfold for me.
I thank you for being part of ‘People Powered Independent Music.’

​At the weekend, the threads of my tyre came away from the tube, threads were all good (see the pic below), a factory defect the road-side assistance guy told me and to bring it back if I had the receipt, which I don’t because we just recently bought the car (which also means it passed Road Worthy)….so I’m driving along the Pacific Highway 4 lane section and my tyre goes…and let me tell you, I discovered that getting to the left shoulder with very little power and watching cars come at you at 110km is a freaky feeling. The line “Any day you make it home in one piece” was resounding in my head when I made it to the shoulder safely… so keep walking on, keep holding on, …and keep driving on! 😉