I played 2 pub gigs at the weekend in Brisbane.
Holy Moly! What an experience it is to play in some pubs.

Gigging in pubs is one of those jobs where you can be abused by someone and no one thinks anything of it.
Most other jobs, employees would simply not work under those conditions, and probably need 6 months stress leave to recover.
But for now, I choose to earn my living from these pubs…at least till my nugget of gold comes home : )

On Friday night, I was shouted at from about 10 meters, while playing a song I wrote about being grateful for the people in your life who support you, “HEY! PLAY MR. JONES!”.  Half stunned, I stopped and said “what! NO!” Asking a musician to play a song u like in middle of a song is not a good time…no one needs to be told that surely..it basic decency? Wait till they are finished.
Then later in the toilets, while trying to take a piss, (stage fright kicked in…very hard to take a piss while been shouted at!)
“Play Kiss”, “play Cold Chisel”, “play Metalica”, etc
“If u play something good, we’ll come in from outside and listen to ye”
They left and I managed to take a piss.
Then there was the lady who stood a meter away from me and shouted “Yeeeeaaaahhhh Motherf**ker!” and start approaching me spilling her beer saying can she sing with me, to which I shouted “NO! dont come near em with that beer, you’ll destroy my equipment and electrocute me!”
No security help, luckily her drunken friend pulled her awa.y
I got called “Wolfmother”
I got told to “Get a haircut”
A guy went up to my gear while i was on break, turns on the mic and shouts “Bla bla something!”

Then, as soon as u finish, after spending three hours playing to what appeared to be a non-listening audience…they want more..”com’on, just one more mate!” I thought u didint like my music.

I can bet u they didn’t put in any over-time at work, bet they were outa there as soon they could.

I’m starting to sound grumpy, eh! As my wife says, “You need counselling after ever gig! ha!”

Holy Moly!…..
Dear God, universe, buddha, anyone…please get me a hit song and get me out of these pubs : )