Click here to watch on You Tube: Good Good Day – Live in Sydney

1 year since Good Good Day single was released! We captured this solo acoustic version on tour in Sydney. This song had quite a journey, from picking up the line “Any day you make it home in one piece is a good day” in Dublin while watching Christy Moore in Vicar Street back in 2013, to 3 months later being on tour in New Zealand with Damien Dempsey, seeing the ‘185 Empty White Chairs – Earthquake Memorial’ in Christchurch, strumming those first chords, and finished off quietly in a hotel room at 12am at Glen Innes Celtic Festival some 2 months later. 

Then another 4 years till I could get it out to the world – crowd funding, recording of the album, making the music videos, the website revamp, the photo shoot, the haircut (there was a lot of hair to cut off, lol), working on the release plan,and in a car crash during the process of recording this album. The journey of this song and the sentiment, they’re interwoven as a life philosophy for me. Celebrate every day folks, and KEEP WALKING ON, KEEP HOLDING ON…

love yez all


🎥 @beer.cinematography