Confetti Man

FEEL THE MUSIC – I am the CONFETTI MAN! Yes, you see that pic, I did that …I pressed the button! And man what a buzz it was! Amazing the power that’s in a button. The Corona’s got me to press the button to release the confetti at their Sydney & Perth shows …I was feeling the pressure.. ye know, you only one shot to get it right, one press of that button, ye don’t wanna peak too early…will it work, was it set up right, will it jam or spurt out just a few feeble bits of confetti! Ha! …750 people waiting, it’s the finale song, the band are counting on you to hit it on that beat to explode a synergy of euphoria between the band, the music and the audience …I really wanted to get it right. (1st world problems!) Amazingly I was feeling more nervous pressing a single button than I if I had to sing in front of the 750 people, it was weird. I had been given one run through before the show in the sound check. So, there I was, my finger on the pulse, resting on the button, then thought “No, what of ye set it off accidentally!” So with my finger hovering above the button, the band all individually throwing a glance my way in the lead up, and all the backstage crew watching earnestly as they knew my nervousness…I said to myself “FEEL THE MUSIC, feel the music”..and so I let myself go into the music and when the moment came, I HIT that button on the beat..and I cannot explain the ecstasy that I felt in my belly, it was intense and bizarre how good it felt, it’s hard to explain, but if you ever the chance …do it, to knit off the bucket list. It was never on mine, but believe, it’s worth adding. I thought to myself…I could do this for a living