Hi Pozible Supporters,
The album tracks are ready to go and below is a private link to 2 tracks for an exclusive first listen!


The two tracks are ‘Not in Kansas Anymore’ and ‘A Million Stars’, which is looking likely to be the album title track. The songs can’t be downloaded, but can be shared via the link if you wish. The tracks will be available for you to listen to until the end of March.

I’m absolutely thrilled with these tracks, I feel I’ve done you all proud and really hope you enjoy them. If you love them, feel free to share the link on social media and get a buzz going in advance of the album launch!

We’re still in the process of knocking on the doors of music labels in Australia and Ireland to discuss licensing and distribution for the album. So once we work through that, we will then make a decision on the release date.

Photo Shoot
Last week, I did the photo shoot for the album artwork, and for the touring that will follow, with Ben from ‘Blue Tulip Imaging’ (see below). Ben shot my last photo shoot and those pics were so good that they got used for print in many newspapers and festival programs… he taught me the power of a really great pic. So naturally, I was dead set on using him again. We did the shoot in Lismore in his studio and also at some very cool old industrial buildings. Another step closer on the journey!
Photoshoot with Ben Blue Tulip imaging 2017
I’ll update you when we know the release date of the album or if there are any other exciting developments!

Thank you everyone! Hope that whatever it is you are working on in your own life, is going well and to plan too!

From one dreamer to another,