Just grabbed a coffee en route from my Brisbane gig to the Gold Coast gig…from a DRIVE-THRU!!! It seems we never have enough time with all our running around…me included.
And so, I wondered… “Will ‘DRIVE-THRU GIGS’ be a thing of d future?”
Will I find myself sitting behind a sliding glass window, awaiting a customer to order “an upbeat Original Irish Folk Songwriter please!” “Ok, $2.95 sir, thank you”…”oh and would you like the MP3 download for an extra $1”? “No thanks, I’ve got a billion songs on my iPod, & I don’t even have time to listen to them!”.
“Ok, please drive to the next window sir”. At the next window, I slide the glass back and belt out my latest hit. After 5 mins, its all over and the rejuvenated people in the car put their foot down and are off at 110km/hr down the highway.
Mick McHugh slides the glass window closed, reminiscing about the days when people had time to stop and enjoy a gig….awaiting the next drive-thru, and hoping the next car will also purchase the digital MP3! Ha!

“Your Time”, the attached video, was recorded live this morning at Brisbane Sq Library about never having enough time.

Please Note – the song is available on my Live CD or from iTunes! ; )