I became an Australian citizen last Tuesday😁
I’ve been here 12yrs, I could have applied many years ago. But I needed to come to a deeper understanding personally of what it is to be an Australian. For me, one of the most important things was to first ask the Aboriginal people of Australia to be welcomed to live in this country. So about 2yrs ago, I went and met with an local Aboriginal people of the Bundjalung people from my area. He said “Brother, there is currently no official way, but you coming in here today, and how you continue in your day to day actions with respecting and working with the Aboriginal people of Australia, you are already welcomed“.
I released a song, co-written with my wife, called “We Live On”, acknowledging their culture, history, and strength in surviving colonialism and will continue to acknowledge them in my day to day living.

I also give thanks everyday for all that the Australia of today has given me and my family. In the land of ‘Fair go’ and ‘Mateship’, I’ve become a full time singer songwriter. I relied on social welfare when I started out, searching out opportunities, people and venues who gave me the chance to grow into a professional musician.
I was P&C president of my kids school for 4yrs, and have contributed to countless community events. I love playing football for my local club, which I’ve learnt to call soccer 😂. Still don’t fully get cricket, but then again, it seems neither do Steve Smith and co. 😂
I get the humour, and I absolutely love how Ozzies tell someone the way it is. eg. Last Thursday at Tash Sultana’s gig, she says “If you’re homophobic, racist or transgenderphobic… you can f**k off out of my gig!”). I love that.
I have mates here that I are dear life time friends, I know where I fit in now. I’m glad I waited 12yrs, it meant more to me.
And now, I can vote and help shape the Australia I believe in as we step into the future together. #australiancitizen