Music Video ‘Not in Kansas Anymore’

by Mick on July 7, 2017

Recording the music video clip for ‘Not in Kansas Anymore’ with Beer Cinematography next Tuesday & Thursday focusing on homeless youths in cities and their passions for life. Hope to release end of August. #notinkansasanymore #mickmchughmusicvideo #beercinematography #joininghands #homelessyouth #passionIMG_3567


Debut Studio Album Updates

by Mick on March 9, 2017

Debut Studio Album Updates:
Here’s the link to the Blogs on my journey of my Crowd Funded Debut Album. Unfortunately some supporters have not been receiving the updates via the Pozible platform so my apologies for that, and I will email everyone from here on in.

In short ….this is where I’m at with it all;
The album recording & mastering is all done & dusted! I met with the magnificent Ben from Blue Tulip Imaging last week (who did my last photo shoot including the pic below) and will be doing the photo shoot next week. Roesy, a great singer-songwriter and an amazing artist will be doing the album artwork. And with my management, Troubadour Music, we are knocking on music industry doors to see if we can get a label on board to help get this album out to the wider world.
Thanks again supporters for your patience with this journey, and to everyone who gives a sh*t. I feel humbled to have your love and friendship.